Monday, April 18, 2011

In A Sober mood.........

My people,
   Am in a very sober mood/emotional mood these days, and it has been taking a toll on me, recently I saw a facebook post about a Nigerian gal in Huston that passed away a week today and my heart just sunk cause from what I saw she was a very loving and vibrant Young lady, she just got into med school and just the thought of having her burial planned by her parents is so heartbreaking, I pray that God grants her family the strenght to bear their loss, and to the sweet Chioma may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace.....
  On another note it really makes me sad to see young people die and I urge everyone to take out a little time to pray everyday and love our families and Friends, spend everyday like its our last. 
  I think I lost a friend, not sure yet, cause she is not taking my calls so am just going to wait another week, if she does not return my call then I guess its over, lol, but seriously you guys will even laugh if you heard what happened but its ok, life goes on.  You guys have a blessed week and I will be back soon


  1. Good to have you back. Hope all is well

    Yes, it is really sad when you see/hear of young people passing away.

    However, this should be a reminder to us all that this life is fleeting and everyday is a blessing.

    Stay blessed my sister

  2. @ Naijamum; Thank you ooo, all is well in Jesus name... Happy Easter to you and your family.

    This death thing has really touched close to home and am so down that I just feel like the next phone call I get is about another death, I just pray that God will grent us the strenght to move on... reamin blessed.

  3. Adellemaria, my thoughts too. Been sober since sunday morning when I heard the sad news of a friend's death. Not sick. No accident. very healthy. Just slumped and died while playing football. something he has been doing for years. And I said, what is really happening? Young and talented people with a bright future departing the world in their numbers. God help us

  4. @Vyvyka: It is really sad that young people are dying just like that, and the sad part is that they one way or another seem to have many good things going on for them at the time of their deaths, it just breaks my heart. like you said we can only ask God to help us.
    BTW, I totally love the name vyvyka :) Thanks for stopping by.