Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rediscovering My Nigerian Roots

Hi Everybody,
I am so excited and scared to be here and I am still trying to get my thought process together but until I do please do enjoy something that I am currently enjoying myself, Nigerian music: OMG! I have been in the dark for soooo long and I just now realised how far our Nigerian artists have come and boy am I proud to say am loving  all and every Nigerian music I can lay my hand on. So far my favourites are; Flavour Nabania, Timaya, Lynxx, oh and not to forget the ladies Asa, Ego and co... But for now please enjoy Flavour 's I dey catch cold (Oyi).


  1. This is lovely
    As a Pidgin English enthusiast...I likey
    I actually prefer Naija music in pidgin or native language...unique!

  2. Hey, welcome to blogsville & tnx for coming over to my blog. Yeah! 9ja music is certainly coming up.

  3. lovely sng :)
    welcome to blogsville,lol
    u shld check out this song "One Naira" by M.I..and "share my blessings" by Naeto c.

  4. @Naijamum; yes oh naija music is the ish for me foreve lol
    @Ibhade; Thanks so much for stoping by
    @Kitkat; thanks gal, am listening to one naira right now, menh dis is tooo much.... loving it

  5. Welcome to blogville, look forward to more with you around. I love Naija nusic too, the last time I was there, I had a DJ mix up some CDs for me with the latest including this song.

  6. As you are new to me and lovely too, I gave you an award. See my blog for details.

  7. @ Myne just did thank you so much ;)