Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I just got back from work, and my whole body arch's but I still feel the need to give way to what my heart really want so here I am giving birth to what I hope will be a child that will help me change the lives of everyone I meet.  My name is Adellemaria and I am a Nigerian living in the Desperado I want to use this medium to grow as a daughter, wife, mother, and student in all aspects of my life so feel free to stop by and show my baby some love she is really pretty and would love to be loved.
   Have a Blessed night.


  1. Welcome on board.
    I pray that this experience enriches you - and yours - in many, many ways. Amen
    I'm loving your name....sounds like one of my favourite Catholic hymns - 'Ave Maria'

  2. Looking forward to reading about this Nigerian living in the 'Desperado'
    Welcome to blogsville

  3. @Naijamum; Thank you for the warm welcome you have blessed my blog by being the first to comment and I feel highly blessed.
    @P.E.T; Thank you so much..........